Build Generational Wealth

Investing in cash flowing short-term rental (STR) properties and using the STR Loophole is one of the few tax strategies that can save you 5-6 figures in taxes without working full-time in real estate.

STR Loophole along with our specialized Real Estate CPA Partners, offer the only complete real estate & tax planning consulting solution that will help you acquire the most profitable short term rental property while lowering your taxable income by thousands of dollars.

Leverage the tax code & short-term rentals to build generational wealth.

If Taxes are your biggest expense. Now is the time to act.

What’s STR Loophole?

Chris Picciurro, CPA: Short Term Rental Tax Strategy

Why Invest in Short-Term Rentals?

CoC Return of 20%

Cash on Cash return of 20% versus 8% for Long-term rentals.


Spend less time involved with your STR for a higher return.

Pay Less Taxes

Decrease your W-2 income via depreciation and expenses.

Secure Retirement

Diversified revenue streams ensure financial stability.

Learn how to secure your financial future. More Detail →

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