Complete STR Consulting & Tax Planning Solution

Do you prefer to invest in Active or Passive real estate? 

We’ve found that roughly 25% of investors prefer directly owning short term rental properties (active) while the remaining 75% prefer investing in other people’s deals (passive).   

The thing is, many think you need to choose either one side and stick with it. The truth is. You can do both. Want to know why? Here are a few reasons why real estate investors prefer to leverage our full-service short term rental consulting and tax strategy solution, tailored specifically for high income earners:

1. Time

This is the major reason right up front. While there are many ways to create additional income using a wide range of investment vehicles, your most limited resource is time. You’re busy with your day jobs and when you go home, you want to spend time with your families. 

Do you want to use your “free” time to scour target markets to find deals, create proformas, estimate ROI, CoC, cap rate for potential investment properties and review local short term rental law and regulations. Or, do you want to enjoy your time and let experts do the work?

Our complete real estate & tax planning consulting services allow you to do what you do best while landing you the highest profitable STR property, lowering your taxable income by hundreds of thousands. In addition to building up income streams through a short-term rental portfolio.

2. Leverage Other People’s Knowledge & Expertise

It probably took you at least a decade to become an expert in your field. It also required a good deal of effort, experience, and trial-and-error. The same is true with short term rental investing. 

The good thing is you don’t need to spend another decade learning the ins and outs of real estate to become a successful Airbnb/ STR investor. You can leverage our team who do this for a living and know our way around the industry. 

Leveraging other people’s knowledge and expertise can be your greatest asset in building wealth that fast-tracks you to achieving your financial objectives. You’re tapping into the goldmine of industry experience without having to go through the entire process yourself.

3. It’s Truly Hands Off

It’s true; nothing in this world is for free. You must pay to have someone working for you to create income. However, after putting in a bit of your time and effort upfront to learn an easy-to-use Airbnb automation software, the rest of your short term rental investing experience consists of spending 4 hours a week to manage your short-term rental portfolio and handing off tax forms to your real estate CPA. Yes, you’ve read it right. it takes only 4 hours a week to manage your entire Airbnb portfolio if you use a property management automation solution for your rental properties.

With our full-service STR consulting & tax planning solution, we handle all aspects of launching your short-term rental investment, underwriting, and ensuring your tax strategy is aligned with your long-term wealth goals. Thus, you’re able to own a piece of cash flowing asset which appreciates in value and lower your taxable income by thousands of dollars with minimal effort.

We like to say you can get 90% of the benefits of investing in short term rentals with 1% of the effort.

Please feel free to contact us if you’re a high-income earner and looking to invest in cash flowing STR properties while saving 6 figures in taxes.