Why Work With Us?

Leverage Our Expertise to Buy a Cash-flowing Short Term Rental

This may sound straightforward, but the trick is to ensure that you must buy an asset. Simply put, an asset is something that puts money in your pocket. 

Being successful in short term rental investing largely comes down to the property that is chosen. A successful investment property is the one that provides the highest ROI for the longest period of time and appreciates in value.

Most newbie investors get this wrong. They just don’t know how to analyze markets and deals properly or they don’t know how to buy a property the right way. So, what happens is that they overpay for a property or after they buy it, they realize that it doesn’t cashflow. 

With short term rentals, this is especially important because of the risk that you can no longer use your property as a short term rental.

We regularly hear stories of investors who buy properties and later are hit with the news that the City shut down short term rentals. In an instant, your STR business is shut down, and you’ve got a big liability on your hands. And it’s not just governments, you can also run into an unfriendly homeowner’s association that votes to shut you down as well. 

Further, newbie investors typically fail to differentiate their listings and stand out from the crowd on Airbnb or other platforms which really hinder their ability to run a profitable and successful STR business. 

So, the key is how to buy and run a short-term rental the right way.

With our comprehensive services, we handle all aspects of launching your short-term rental investment and ensuring your tax strategy is aligned with your long-term wealth goals from deep market research, underwriting, landing you the highest profitable property, maximizing the tax saving potential of your Airbnb investment, teaching you furnishing and managing your property. We do it all.

Tap Into A Savvy Real Estate Tax Accountant to Maximize Tax Benefits

The second big component of our complete STR consulting and tax strategy solution is to have you meet with a savvy real estate CPA.

The reason is that there are many accountants out there who don’t know about short term rental tax loopholes. Others don’t know the rules well enough. Consequently, they may not give you the tax strategies you need to win in today’s real estate market.

By leveraging a specialized real estate CPA firm, you’re able to have a roadmap to tax planning given your specific situation, implement advanced strategies designed to save on taxes and to grow your STR portfolio while operating in compliance with state and federal standards.

The tax code isn’t a mystery. it’s the roadmap to building generational wealth. That’s why we partner with the best real estate CPAs that only work with real estate investors.

Please feel free to contact us if you’re a high-income earner and looking to invest in cash flowing STR properties while saving 6 figures in taxes.